Our role

We use our energy intelligence to invest in the right people, operate and evolve the right assets, and deliver the right energy projects. Our goal is always to help bridge the gap between the now and the next.

New perspectives

Moving from today’s mixed energy landscape to a greener, more sustainable future requires joined up thinking with regulators and flexibility on the part of producers, providers and users. This is big, and it needs to be tackled together.

The energy sector is not just changing in terms of sources and technologies – there is a fundamental shift to a new generation of power providers, not bound by the constraints of large utilities, but open to more entrepreneurial and customer-centric ways of working.

Our approach

We are known for our ability to think, move and act fast

Our deep understanding of the changing energy sector means we understand what’s coming, possess the judgement to know what to invest in and when, and can access the capital to make it happen.

We see the dynamic, complex, interconnected challenges that define the energy transition – our role is to take on these challenges and create practical and effective solutions.


Greater supply intermittency

due to expected five-fold increase in renewable generation

Need for reliable power

due to shift in EVs, heat pumps and electrification of processes leading to doubling of power demand by 2050

More complex operations

due to multiple emerging technologies and performance profiles

Radical system changes

transitioning from predictable centralised generation, to a more dynamic renewable
digitalised system