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Why join VPI

We are a close-knit community of power solvers, united by our passion for energy. With deep experience, broad expertise and a new approach to tackling energy challenges, we bridge the gap between today and tomorrow, balancing vision with practical action to achieve net zero.

We believe that achieving net zero is fundamental to all of our futures. Our unique combination of trading and operational mindsets positions us to identify and solve increasingly complex problems that arise through the energy transition. We are looking for like-minded people to join our team of power solvers.

Employee stories
To me, VPI means growth and development. I joined the company on their graduate development program and now help graduates and students myself. I’m grateful to be able to fulfil my role, supporting coordination of large scale outages, as well as ensuring operation safety and reliability of our equipment.

It’s brilliant to be part of a company that invests in its people and bridges the gap between present and future — not just in power generation, but also in sharing knowledge. To make an even greater impact in the future, I'm pursuing a master's degree in renewable energy technologies, all supported by VPI.

Fungai Nyamayauta
Mechanical Engineer
Employee stories
I like working at a company where I know that I’m directly helping to supply critical electricity to hospitals, schools and homes. The company is forward thinking and it’s motivating to be part of pioneering projects like Humber Zero, which is focused on decarbonising power through carbon capture.

My career at VPI has been diverse. From starting on an Engineering Graduate Programme to a role in operations and now my current role as a Shift Team Leader, where I continue to learn and grow every day. I also recently co-led a school visit event, providing early careers support and inspiring the next generation of engineers.

Jamie Blunn
Shift Team Leader
Employee stories
At VPI, I've found a career that is both fulfilling and rewarding with fantastic long-term prospects. After starting out as an apprentice 9 years ago, VPI has supported my growth where I’m now an Operation & Maintenance Project Coordinator.

I'm proud to contribute to VPI's vision of reliable energy for the UK's power network and have had the opportunity to play a key role in projects that are moving us towards a future of sustainable energy. One such experience was leading the installation of a 141-foot pipe bridge.

Ashley Flemming
Operation & Maintenance Project Coordinator

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Graduate scheme

Recognised by IMechE and IET, our graduate scheme provides a fast-track path to chartered status. With placements over two years, graduates gain experience across commercial, technical and engineering challenges. One-on-one mentoring gives our graduates the support to realise their potential and make real-world contributions. Paid year-long internships are also available.

VPI Careers Apprenticeships (1)

Apprenticeship scheme

We hire apprentices across key areas of our business, providing tailored sponsorship and support throughout. Our partnerships with The Employment Apprentice Agency and local colleges help us offer comprehensive training and development opportunities, setting our apprentices up for future success at VPI.

Our sites

Powering decarbonisation and grid reliability through our energy sites.

Rye House
Ensuring reliable energy
Solving short-term energy gaps
Ensuring reliable energy
Solving short-term energy gaps
Lumcloon and Shannonbridge
Solving short-term energy gaps
Ensuring reliable energy
Solving short-term energy gaps
Damhead Creek
Ensuring reliable energy
Solving short-term energy gaps
Ensuring reliable energy
Power today: Rye House
Modular system fuelling power stability
Rye House’s flexible design is helping to power the balancing and wholesale markets.
Ensuring reliable energy
Solving short-term energy gaps

The Rye House power station uses a robust plant design and modular 3 gas turbine to 1 steam turbine system, enabling flexible energy generation to meet demands. With three independent Siemens V94.2 gas turbines that can run separately or together as needed, the configuration ensures stable power supply and peak output.

The combined gas cycle plant was built on the site of an earlier, and now demolished, coal fired power station. In operation since 1993, the new 715MW facility. Rye House has undergone a major life extension investment programme which will see it supporting the transition to NetZero into the next decade

Just 18 miles north of London, Rye House is strategically positioned to serve as a reliable grid asset and take advantage of balancing market opportunities when needed.

  • Established: 1993
  • Location: Hertfordshire
  • Capacity: 715 MW
  • Energy generation: 3 gas turbines + 1 steam turbine
  • Key statistics: 3 x Siemens V94.2 gas turbines.
Power today: Immingham
Flexible, efficient National Grid provider
Immingham is a critical provider of flexible energy generation and one of the most efficient CHPs in Europe.
Ensuring reliable energy
Solving short-term energy gaps

In operation since 2004 with further expansion in 2009, VPI’s Immingham combined heat and power (CHP) plant has been providing energy to homes and businesses ever since. With three GE gas turbines and three steam turbines in an efficient modular design, the facility reliably delivers 1.2GW of flexible generation capacity to the National Grid and provides energy to two of UK’s largest refineries. Known as one of Europe’s most efficient CHPs.

The first section of the plant began commercial supply in 2004, with the original design to supply nearby refineries with steam and electricity. A second phase expansion completed in 2009 increased power capacity.

Construction is underway to build Immingham Energy Park, an adjacent site to VPI Immingham, providing 350MW rapid-response power during peaks of demand and when renewable energy generation is low.

  • Established: 2004
  • Location: North Lincolnshire
  • Capacity: 1240 MW
  • Energy generation: 3 gas turbines + 3 steam turbine
  • Key statistics: 3 x GE 9FA/9FB turbines, 24/7 energy supply since 2004
Power today: Lumcloon and Shannonbridge
Vital Battery Storage for Ireland's Grid
Acquiring two 100MW battery energy storage systems, VPI plans to accelerate support of Ireland’s green energy transition.
Solving short-term energy gaps

With the acquisition of two existing battery storage facilities west of Dublin, VPI have taken the first step in supporting the on-going decarbonisation of Irish energy. The 200MW of battery energy storage at the Lumcloon and Shannonbridge sites, commissioned in 2021, will establish VPI as Ireland’s largest battery energy storage operator.

Battery storage is recognised as critical infrastructure for Ireland’s energy transition as they strive to hit ambitious 2030 targets. Since establishment in 2021, the Lumcloon and Shannonbridge batteries have performed well and are already playing an important role in stabilising the grid as renewables expand – driving decarbonisation while managing congestion and power shortfalls.

Additional renewable generation assets nearby to the Lumcloon and Shannonbridge are already in the pipeline, which will further unlock the battery storage full potential.

  • Established: 2021
  • Location: County Offaly, Ireland
  • Capacity: 200MW
  • Energy generation: Battery
  • Key statistics: 2 x 100MW batteries, 120MWh generation capacity
Power today: Shoreham
Powering Southern England since 2000
Delivering reliable electricity, VPI Shoreham is one of the most efficient plants of its kind.
Ensuring reliable energy
Solving short-term energy gaps

Online since 2000, VPI’s Shoreham plant provides 460MW of electricity. The combined cycle gas system uses a single GE/Alstom GT26 turbine and ABB steam turbine and generator.

Originally built on the site of the decommissioned Brighton ‘B’ coal power station, VPI Shoreham reutilised existing infrastructure from the nearby harbour for sea water cooling and a high voltage National Grid connection.

After major investment improving both efficiency and power output  in 2022, the facility is now one of the most efficient and lowest emission plants in the UK – delivering vital power.

  • Established: 2000
  • Location: East Sussex
  • Capacity: 460MW
  • Energy generation: 1 gas turbine + 1 steam turbine
  • Key statistics: 1 x GE/Alstom GT26 turbine, 1 x ABB steam turbine, 1 x ABB Generator, major upgrade undertaken in 2022
Power today: Damhead Creek
Two decades of reliable power
Damhead Creek has played a crucial role for energy supply in the South East of England since 2001.
Ensuring reliable energy
Solving short-term energy gaps

Located 30 miles south of London on Kent’s Hoo Peninsula, VPI’s Damhead Creek provides the capital and South East with vital and flexible energy generation. The Damhead power station leverages an efficient combined cycle system pairing two Mitsubishi 701F3 gas turbines with one Mitsubishi steam turbine.

Damhead has been operational since 2001, with a capacity of 812MW. During 2024/25 VPI will deploy a major upgrade in partnership with Mitsubishi improving flexibility and reliability supporting the future needs of UK energy market.

While providing flexible and reliable power generation to meet demand, VPI Damhead Creek uses an air cooled condenser, has low water usage and discharge, and limits emissions to air.


  • Established: 2001
  • Location: Kent
  • Capacity: 812MW
  • Energy generation: 2 gas turbines + 1 steam turbine
  • Key statistics: 2 x Mitsubishi 701F3 turbines
Power today: Blackburn
Flexible and reliable plant in the northwest industrial region
VPI Blackburn has been reliably supplying a major industrial region with power since 2002.
Ensuring reliable energy

With commercial operations starting in 2002, VPI Blackburn has continued the power generation legacy of the region, providing vital power supply to northwest England’s manufacturing area.

Initially launched as a combined heat and power (CHP) facility, the 60MW combined cycle gas plant is a strategic grid asset made up of one Siemens SGT800 gas turbine and one steam turbine. Fuelled by natural gas and leveraging hybrid cooling technology.

  • Established: 2002
  • Location: Lancashire
  • Capacity: 60MW
  • Energy generation: 1 gas turbine + 1 steam turbine
  • Key statistics: Siemens SGT800 gas turbine
Humber Zero
Ensuring reliable energy
Removing carbon in energy sources
Ensuring reliable energy
Solving short-term energy gaps
Energy Park A
Solving short-term energy gaps
Ensuring reliable energy
Solving short-term energy gaps
Power tomorrow: Humber Zero
Unlocking a decarbonised future for British industry
VPI is proud to be driving forward the Humber Zero project as a key enabler of industrial decarbonisation and economic growth in the Immingham and South Humber region.
Ensuring reliable energy
Removing carbon in energy sources

As one of the largest facilities of its kind in Europe, VPI’s Immingham combined heat and power (CHP) plant is capable of producing enough flexible power to meet the needs of over one million homes, while providing electricity and steam to local sites including our Humber Zero partners at the Phillips 66 Humber Refinery.

We’re working at pace towards a final investment decision in 2024 for a new carbon capture scheme at Immingham that will capture over 95% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and allow the site to operate as a major provider of low-carbon electricity and heat for the region into the 2030s and beyond. Together with the Humber Refinery, this will allow us to capture up to 3.8 million tonnes of CO2 per year and enable the decarbonisation of the wider Immingham industrial site by providing a pathway for other major emitters on the south bank of the Humber to deliver a total reduction of up to 8 million tonnes per year.

We believe the Humber Zero project can be the key to securing the economic future of the region, creating up to 100 permanent jobs and sustaining around 20,000 industrial jobs.

  • Operational: 2027/28
  • Location: North Lincolnshire
  • System: Carbon capture
  • Key statistics: 95% reduction in CO2 emissions, up to 3.3 million tonnes captured per year.


Power tomorrow: VPI B
Boosting flexible generation and future-proofed for hydrogen
VPI is constructing a 299MW open cycle gas turbine plant at Immingham to provide added low-carbon flexible energy generation by 2025.
Ensuring reliable energy
Solving short-term energy gaps

Supporting National Grid power stability as renewables expand, VPI is developing a fully flexible Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) plant with clutch technology at its existing Immingham site. The 299MW facility will increase flexible capacity and system strength through its low carbon delivery.

This new asset comes future-proofed for long term sustainability, designed and ready for hydrogen gas when levels reach industrial capacity.

With an anticipated 23-year lifespan, aligned with capacity market agreement, construction of this new OCGT plant begins in late 2023 with commercial operations expected to start for 2025.

  • Operational: 2025
  • Location: North Lincolnshire
  • Capacity: 300MW
  • Energy generation: Open Cycle Gas Turbine
Power tomorrow: Energy Park A
Adding Fast-Start Capability
With construction underway, VPI's 50MW gas reciprocating engine will add crucial flexible and rapid-response power generation by 2024.
Solving short-term energy gaps

To provide further flexible grid support in an important balancing region, VPI is currently constructing a 50MW fast-start gas reciprocating peak facility at Immingham energy hub. Featuring full flexibility and black start capability, the facility’s quick-acting reciprocating engine will boost security of power supply when it can’t be met by renewables.

Clarke Energy are the selected EPC contractor of the 50MW hydrogen-ready INNIO Jenbacher gas engines, playing a key role in VPI’s long-term energy transition investment.

With an asset lifespan of 24-years, this project is already underway and will enter commercial operations in Q2 of 2024.

  • Operational: 2024
  • Location: North Lincolnshire
  • Capacity: 50MW
  • Energy generation: Hydrogen-ready gas reciprocating engine
  • Key statistics: 24 year lifespan, 100% hydrogen ready
Power tomorrow: Castlelost
Expanding flexible gas generation in Ireland
The OCGT development in Ireland marks the continuation of VPI’s expansion in delivering flexible electricity generation for the Irish grid.
Ensuring reliable energy
Solving short-term energy gaps

Further boosting Ireland’s electricity grid capabilities, VPI is progressing a 275MW OCGT plant in Castlelost, County Westmeath, through a 51/49 joint venture with developer Lumcloon Energy. The project involves the installation of five 55MW Open Cycle Gas Turbines (OCGT) allowing for flexible energy generation during peak demand.

With an expected 2025 online date, Castlelost represents on-going VPI investment supporting Ireland’s security of supply and transition toward renewable energy. The plant is strategically located to complement growth in renewable generation.

It will provide back-up for renewables and spark into operation when wind output is low, providing a key supporting role in energy reliability for EirGrid.

  • Operational: 2025
  • Location: County Westmeath
  • Capacity: 275MW
  • Energy generation: 5 x Open Cycle Gas Turbines (dual fuel)
  • Key statistics: 5 x 55MW turbines

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