Power Today

We tackle the complex problems of providing
power today and power tomorrow

Who we are

We are energy people with deep experience, broad expertise and a new approach to tackling energy challenges.

We believe that achieving net zero is fundamental to all our futures. Getting there means embracing a new energy reality – operating and evolving the current power system, while introducing new sources and emerging technologies.

What we do

With a capacity of 3.5GW, we are one of the leading power companies in the UK and Ireland. We create practical pathways to a new energy reality by optimising existing assets and delivering new energy projects and services. We deliver in the now, but always with an eye on near and far horizons.

Whether providing peaking power or storing electricity, capturing carbon or offering services, we strive for solutions that meet the multiple needs of customers and end users.

How we do it

Energy intelligence

Our combination of trading and engineering mindsets, supported by our extensive industry network and ability to respond quickly, uniquely positions us to identify and solve increasingly complex energy problems.